Guesthouse Fazenda Almada


Number of rooms:

Our Pousada has four double rooms.
On your day of arrival, you can check in starting at 1:00 p.m.
On your day of departure, check out is at 11:00 a.m.

Accommodation price:

includes appetizing evening meals and hearty breakfasts (lunch can be ordered)
Single room: 300 Reais per person

Double room: 250 Reais per person
Children under 16 years: 200 Reais
Children under 6 years stay free.

Travel Booking:

Requests for room reservations for the desired travel dates should be emailed to:
We will confirm your reservation promptly. 

Arrival from airport:

Organized for you: Our airport transfer (two ways) is a flat rate of 150 Reais for up to four people.

Directions for individual travelers with a rental car or taxi:

  • From the airport, drive through the city center of Ilhéus to the north in the direction of Salvador / Itacaré.
  • After approximately 9 km, take the second exit in the roundabout (straight through)  on the BA 262 in the direction of Uruçuca.
  • After crossing an industrial zone with a chocolate factory, follow the road approx. 20 km through villages, farmland and cocoa forests.
  • In a left bend, you will see a Fazenda Almada sign on the right. Drive on this unpaved road approx. 3 kilometers farther.
  • In a sharp right bend you’ll see an old house on the right-hand side with trees growing on its roof.
  • To the left of that, you’ll find the gate to Pousada Fazenda Almada.
    If you’ve called ahead, the gate will be open.

Booking of the Exclusiv-Trip:

If you would like to book this trip, please contact one of the two German travel agencies listed here. You must first specify your desired travel dates and the number of people who will be traveling. They can then calculate your exact costs. We keep prices at the farm stable year-round, but for flights and activities outside of your visit to Almada,  there may be seasonal variations.

In general, for a group of 2 people the trip costs about € 3800 per person (estimated for Germany). For a group of four, there is a discount of €400  per person. With a maximum occupancy of 8 people, we have an even bigger reduction per traveler. For families there is an additional discount of €200 for the first child and € 300 for the second (up to 16 years).

Both travel agencies can easily extend your stay in Brazil and, in accordance with your personal wishes, can add other destinations in South America.

For travelers from North or South America, we are committed to finding tourism partners for direct communication in the US and Brazil as soon as possible.

Travel dates for the Exclusive-Trip

If you want the Exclusive-Trip at another time than listed, please ask the travel agent.



30.04. - 14.05.

03.09. - 17.09.

17.09. - 01.10.





25.02. - 11.03.

29.04. - 13.05.

22.07. - 05.08.

28.10. - 11.11.



Die Reiseprofis

Ilona Schuff   
Paulinenstraße 7
88046 Friedrichshafen


Tel + 49 7541-373047

ITR Reisen

Andreas Hack
Hauptstraße 42
42555 Velbert-Langenberg


Tel + 49 2052-9286350

Frequently Asked Questions

You will certainly have a lot of questions if you are playing with the idea of taking a trip with us to South America, such as:

What is the best time to visit Almada Farm?

Our holiday program runs year round. It is always pleasantly warm, with an average high between 26º - 29º C (78º - 85º F). During the Christmas holidays, it is summer in Bahia. Roots are slightly drier and the trees bloom in glorious colours. During the summer months of the northern hemisphere, temperatures are more moderate, but it rains a little more.

How fit do I need to be in order to enjoy these holidays?

You will relax with us. All activities are optional and can be customized to your personal fitness level.

What vaccinations are needed for travel to Bahia?

Check your vaccination certificates and make sure they’re up to date. All general vaccinations should be in effect. Talk to your doctor about possible risks. In general, the chances of infection or infectious disease with us are very low. In particular, we are not in a malaria region.

What should I pack?

Passport Credit card (you can get cash at every ATM) Sunhat Sunglasses Sunscreen Mosquito repellent Swimsuit Shorts T-shirts Sandals Camera Lightweight, long-sleeved tropical shirt Lightweight long trousers (for the forest) Lightweight trekking shoes Lightweight raincoat When needed, you can borrow rubber boots from us.

I'm afraid of wild animals. Am I at risk on the farm?

Generally, there are no dangerous animals at Almada. Encounters with insects and spiders, of course, can’t be ruled out. If you keep your eyes open, you might catch sight of a harmless snake in the forest.

Can I justify a long-haul flight if I want to live an environmentally responsible life?

There’s no doubt about it – travel pollutes the environment, especially long-haul flights. As active environmentalists, we are committed to ecotourism and have made the preservation of nature and environmental awareness one of our priorities. However, we believe that even in a globalized world, travel should continue to be part of our cultural life. Discovering foreign countries and civilizations helps to better understand relationships and to promote openness and tolerance among people. To compensate (at least symbolically) for the amount of greenhouse gases that your plane leaves as an ecological footprint, we purchase a corresponding number of seedlings and plant them together with local environmental groups in the area of Almada Farm. We would be very happy to provide you with information on this topic at any time during your stay.

Should you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask the experts at your travel agency.