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The holiday offer described here can easily be booked with one of the travel agencies listed under “Information”. Between the 2-week exclusive stays, the guesthouse is available for short-term visits and overnight guests with the option of booking all program points individually.

For this dream holiday, we have taken care to select only the best of what our farm and the region have to offer. We want you to go home feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, and raving about the Cocoa Coast for years to come. Our quaint guesthouse can accommodate up to eight people. And if there are just two of you, you can have the residence to yourself for the exclusive enjoyment of the historical colonial architecture, the pool and the gardens – your peace and privacy are guaranteed.

To top it off – three times a day we’ll pamper you with selected culinary delights. To supplement the daily program, we offer a wellness option of booking soothing massages for a surcharge.

Sunday, Day 0

Depending from wich place on the planet you start your trip, the time to go to Bahia is already today.

Monday, Day 1: Flight to Ilhéus

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Welcome to Almada! From your home airport, you’ll fly to the coastal city of Ilhéus. The Almada team will be awaiting you at the airport and will chauffeur you to your holiday destination. Almada Farm is located about 25 km outside of Ilhéus and is nestled in a cocoa grove within the Atlantic Forest.

Tuesday, Day 2: Almada Cabruca Tour

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At daybreak, magical mists often cloak the forest while a multitude of birds sing in a glorious morning concert in the canopy overhead. This day is designed to be leisurely. Whenever you’re up and ready, we’ll guide you through the plantation with its impressive, ancient Mata Atlantica rainforest trees and cocoa trees planted below. In this tour through the Cabruca (the local name for this type of traditional cocoa grove), you’ll learn all about cocoa cultivation – from the cocoa bean itself to the production of chocolate. Almada Farm is run with sustainable cultivation and without the use of machinery or pesticides.

Wednesday, Day 3: Boat excursion on the Rio Almada

Today you will have plenty of opportunity to relax and unwind. Stretch out in your hammock for a view of the landscape that invites you to dream. Take a dip in the pool to cool off from the tropical temperatures. On the farm grounds there are a total of five springs; the swimming pool is supplied with mineral water. Our farm is located near the banks of the Almada river, after which it was named. After a relaxing morning, we will head out to explore the course of this waterway along the farm’s borders by boat. You’ll be able to observe colonies of bats along the cliffs and glide through the picturesque gallery forest that lines the banks of the Rio Almada on both sides. The landscape here is similar to the Pantanal, Brazil's famous, vast wetland. Our goal is the Encantada Laguna where we will head ashore and visit a small village and two waterfalls.

Thursday, Day 4: Stroll through Ilhéus and visit endless sandy beaches

After a hearty breakfast we’ll drive you to Ilhéus for a short stroll through the old town. Numerous buildings in the colonial style still bear witness to the former wealth of the heyday of cocoa farming. Ilhéus is now a typical Brazilian town and its colourful, bustling streets are definitely worth discovering. In the afternoon we’ll head another 40 km further north along the coastal road to a beautiful, long sandy beach. The warm Atlantic surf beckons – you can swim in the waves or take a barefoot stroll down the soft sandy beach along the coastline.   

Friday, Day 5: Rainforest Hike

Today is rain forest day! An experienced guide will travel with you along the footpaths of the Serra de Conduro nature reserve. You’ll gain in-depth knowledge about the Mata Atlantica ecosystem, which is one of the most biologically diverse habitats on the planet.

Saturday, Day 6: Hammock & Horse Tour

In the morning you’ll have plenty of time to rest and relax in your hammock to let the impressions of the previous day sink in. Those who are interested can then participate in a trail ride through the grounds of Almada Farm in the afternoon. From the back of a horse, the views of the countryside in the evening sun are simply overwhelming.

Those who don’t ride can also do the tour by foot. 

Sunday, Day 7: Our Highlight: the golden-headed lion tamarin

Together with the primate specialist Bila, you will head out early in the morning in search of the golden-headed lion tamarin – an endangered species endemic to the area. These charming primates swing through the cocoa grove from tree to tree searching for food in the mornings and can be observed well at this time. With a little luck and patience, the monkeys will come quite close while foraging and look you straight in the eye. A wonderful, deeply touching encounter.

This day is best finished with idleness – time for plenty of relaxation after the dramatic three-ring circus of the morning!

Monday, Day 8: Holiday & Chocolate!

Today you will make your own chocolate, which you can naturally take home as a souvenir. For the rest of the day, relaxation is the program: just the hammock, the pool, the nearly constant blue skies over Bahia dotted with white cumulus clouds or perhaps you’ll enjoy a cooling tropical shower… the time is yours to balance, interrupted only by our fine meals.

Tuesday Day 9: Itacaré & Bahian dream coasts

In the morning we’ll drive you to the small coastal town of Itacaré. The region north of Ilhéus is still blessed with pure, pristine nature and there are many eco-tourism concepts that focus on the preservation of the area’s beautiful landscape. You’ll have the option of renting a canoe from one of the beach bars and exploring the coastline from the water. In the afternoon you’ll hike through the coastal forest to three charming bays, discovering Bahia, with its palm-fringed paradise beaches and rugged cliffs, from its most beautiful side.

Wednesday, Day 10: Almada

The last day on our farm. Today you’ll once again be pampered with sumptuous dishes from the magic pots of our cooks. Stop by the kitchen and see how it’s done!


For the very active, another horseback ride through the cocoa plantation is possible.

Thursday, Day 11: Transfer to Boipeba island

After a final breakfast under the mature canopy of the forest, the last section of your trip in Bahia will now begin. To discover even more exciting facets of this area, we’ll drive you a little bit closer to the airport in Salvador. Stay tuned: a whole new adventure is waiting for you!


In the harbour at the town of Valenca, the Almada team will say goodbye and you’ll travel to Boipeda by speedboat. But no worries! Passing palm-lined coasts and endless mangrove forests, this journey leads to the remote island of Boipeba – a tranquil place with not a car for miles around; despite a few tourists, life here seems like it’s come to a standstill – an ideal place for relaxation.

At the port, an easily recognizable assistant (with sign), will meet you and bring you to your beautiful accommodation.

Friday, Day 12: Boipeba

There are a few wonderful hotels on the island and we’ve selected one of the nicest for you. In all likelihood you will stay in a pousada located at the highest point of the island offering a magnificent view of the sea and the palm forests. You’ll call this enchanting place home for a short time. It is now entirely up to you whether you want to spend the day soothing your soul in a hammock or would rather take off to explore the beaches. We’re sure you’ll find the best way to enjoy your time on Boipeba.

Saturday, Day 13: Morro de Sao Paulo & crossing to Salvador

Even the journey to the airport is an adventure. After a generous breakfast overlooking the sea, you’ll be accompanied to the port. From there you’ll take a small boat over to the opposite island of Morro de Sao Paulo where a jeep will be waiting to take you through the interior of the island to the port of Morro on the other side. You’ll now have two hours to discover the hustle and bustle of this town centre which is strongly influenced by tourists. Then it's onward to a speedboat that will take you directly to the port of Salvador. You’ll spend your last night in Brazil in the old town at a hotel close to the harbour.

Sunday, Day 14: Journey home

Depending on your flight out, you may have time to explore Salvador’s historic district in the morning. In the afternoon it's time to say goodbye (if you have no other objectives on your itinerary). The trip to the airport by taxi – past numerous high-rise buildings of the metropolis – seems almost unreal, but it’s a good start to getting used to the world outside the idyllic Cocoa Coast.

Bahia awaits you!