Guesthouse Fazenda Almada

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Bem-vindo! – Welcome!

We here at Pousada Fazenda Almada in the Brazilian state of Bahia would like to invite you to enjoy an unforgettable holiday at Juliana and Markus Mauthe de Cerqueira Lima’s family-run tropical paradise. Our farm of nearly 400 hectares is situated on Brazil’s legendary Cocoa Coast; a 160-year old mansion on the premises has been comfortably furnished as an exclusive residence for guests.

Whether you’re interested in just one night or a longer stay – send us a short email and we’ll let you know about room availability:
We here at Fazenda Almada are looking forward to hearing from you!  

Many surprises, such as cocoa cultivation that’s still in practice today, a tropical rainforest with an incredible diversity of fauna and endless white sandy beaches will make your stay a very special and unique experience.

Come and enjoy the stunning Bahia hospitality and the unique natural beauty that this region has to offer.

Have fun surfing through our holiday options.

We hope to welcome you here soon!

With warmest regards,

Juliana & Markus